• Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (Auckland)

  • Master of Business Administration (Washington D.C.)

  • Ex-General Practitioner, Nawton, Hamilton

Member of Parliament for Hamilton West

  • Fulbright Scholar

  • Former Board Member, Auckland Refugee Council

  • Deputy Chairperson Labour Region 2 Waikato BoP

  • Ex-Chairperson Hamilton West LEC

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Dr Gaurav Sharma selected as 2020 Labour Candidate for Hamilton West

Dr Gaurav Sharma was recently selected as the Labour Party's 2020 candidate for Hamilton West electorate. The selection was attended by President Claire Szabo, Rainbow Sector Vice President Paul Stevens and Region 2 Rep Rosina Taueki who were all part of the selection committee along with local electorate committee representative Mike Tribe. 


In his winning speech Dr Sharma thanked the party's governing NZ Council along with local volunteers and members in putting their support behind him and giving him an opportunity to represent the people of Hamilton West. He also praised the courage of other candidates who considered running as well as those who put their name forward for selection and invited them to work along with him in helping work for the two tick campaign for Hamilton West.

Dr Gaurav Sharma is a medical doctor working as a General Practitioner (GP) in Nawton, Hamilton in a high needs practice with over 12,000 patients. He has previously been involved in public health, policy, medicine and consulting in New Zealand, Spain, USA, Nepal, Vietnam, Mongolia, Switzerland and India. He studied Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery at The University of Auckland Medical School and also has a Masters in Business Administration from The George Washington University in Washington DC where he was a Fulbright Scholar. 

Gaurav has been involved in the Labour Party across various levels – from being a grassroots volunteer in 2014 to recently being the Chairperson of Hamilton West electorate and the Deputy Chairperson of Labour Regional 2 Council (LRC). He has also worked with the Labour Party in policy formation not only in these roles but also on the party’s Policy Council as well as Multicultural Sector’s Policy Committee.

At the Annual Region 2 conference in Taupo in June 2019, Dr Gaurav Sharma was elected as the new Deputy Chairperson of Labour Party Region 2 (which includes the electorates of Hamilton West, Hamilton East, Waikato, Coramandel, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Taupo, Hauraki Waikato and Waiariki).

This is in addition to being elected in April 2019 as the Chairperson of Hamilton West LEC.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also joined the Region 2 Conference in Taupo to talk about the government’s achievements so far as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

At the conclusion of the weekend, Dr Sharma thanked the outgoing executive members for their work and is looking forward to working with the above electorates alongside the new executive, Members of Parliament from the region (Jamie Strange MP, Nania Mahuta, Jan Tinetti MP, Angie Warren-Clark MP & Tamati Coffey - Labour MP for Waiariki) as well as former (Nathaniel Blomfield, Ala Bustanji, Ben Sandford) & future candidates and our new Field Organiser Dan Steer in this crucial pre-election year.

Dr Sharma attended the ANZAC service in Hamilton on 104th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing and laid down a wreath on behalf of the New Zealand Labour Party and Member of Parliament Jamie Strange.


Gaurav has been attending the ANZAC Day service for years and says "this day is not to glorify or celebrate war but to remember those extraordinary men and women who have served our country and exemplified selflessness, courage, discipline and self-sacrifice during times of crisis.

"Of the hundreds of thousands who fought in Gallipoli in World War I, 44,150 Allies were killed in action including 2779 New Zealanders, 8709 Australians and 1358 Indians. 330 of our bravest from Hamilton served during this time and made the ultimate sacrifice. This day should remind us that wars need to be avoided but if and when necessary, we must stand up for our values.

"We must also remember with gratitude the sacrifice of the families who have lost their loved ones in wars.


"Let us strive to be worthy of the memory of those we honour today by standing up for our beliefs while tackling the new challenges our world faces with the vigor and determination of the ANZAC spirit."

In a Waikato Times/ opinion piece after 15th March attacks in Christchurch, Dr Gaurav Sharma says our response to terror should be measured by how we stand up for others when next time another adopted Kiwi is targeted because of their race. He says "If we fail to acknowledge that we do have a problem with racism in our own country, we will fail to address the issues that many of us coloured kiwis face on a day to day basis."

Dr Sharma shares facts and figures re the global refugee crisis in Hamilton

Keeping aside the political debate, Dr Gaurav Sharma spoke in Hamilton on the global refugee crisis using facts and figures to start a conversation about the plight of displaced people. As a former Board Member of Auckland Refugee Council and a passionate supporter of Doing Our Bit campaign, Gaurav shared with the audience an overview of the problem, the differentiation between quota refugees & asylum seekers, logistics & complex journeys of refugee settlements which on average take 17 years, New Zealand's place in the global debate and stepping up to do our bit. 

Former 60 minutes and 20/20 journo Amanda Millar sat down with some of the Young Leaders from the Asia New Zealand Foundation to talk about things they are passionate about. The short interview covers Gaurav's interest in providing more support to refugees and stepping up on the international stage. As a former Board Member of the Auckland Refugee Council, Labour government's decision to double the refugee quota by 2020 is something Gaurav is really pleased about. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Immigration Minister Ian Lees-Galloway's stand on refugee welfare is admiring and Gaurav is excited about the increasing role New Zealand will play on the international platform

Gaurav had the pleasure of spending time with His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama on a visit to the town of Dharamsala in India, where Gaurav spent a part of his childhood while growing up. Amongst other things they talked about spirituality, karma, the gap between prayer and action in our society, evolution of culture, war & peace and the current refugee crisis around the world

The folks at Free FM decided to bring back Dr Sharma on the radio one last time before the election with their experienced panel consisting of Paul Barlow, Holly Snape and Bryan Smith. The interview covered a few different topics from discussing Waikato's failing healthcare infrastructure to Jacindamania, importance of the youth vote and Sue Moroney's commuter train legacy in the golden triangle. Podcast/recording of the show is available on

Dr Sharma took part in General Election debate hosted by the National Council of Women of New Zealand in the same week as the 124th anniversary of New Zealand women being the first in the world to attain the right to vote. The debate took place at St Peter's Church in Hamilton where the topics of pay equity, glass ceilings, healthcare, housing and education were discussed.

He also briefly got to talk about how the current President of NCW Vanisa Dhiru has been an inspiring figure in his life since he first met her through the Asia New Zealand Foundation in 2008

Dr Sharma addressed questions on abortion, Vulnerable Children's Act of 2014, abuse of kids under state care, mental health challenges of our society, definition of family, growing homelessness and the new under-class at the fifth General Election debate organised by the combined churches of Hamilton

The NGO Progress to Health hosted a General Election debate at Waikato Institute of Technology on the topic of mental health and disability. As a medical doctor, healthcare and especially mental health and disability is something Dr Sharma is very passionate about. Gaurav spoke at the event about how New Zealand Labour Party will invest additional $8bn over 4 years on healthcare, decrease GP fees by $10 a visit to help increase access to health services and invest $40m a year to extend comprehensive mental health services to secondary schools with hiring mental health nurses. Dr Sharma also addressed the audience about Labour's plan to establish a two year pilot programme of primary mental health teams at eight sites across the country to work with GPs, PHOs, DHBs, and mental health NGOs. The event was MC'ed by former breakfast radio host and current Hamilton City Councillor Mark Bunting

NZ Herald: Recently confirmed Hamilton West Labour candidate for this year's general election Dr Gaurav Sharma is a determined over-achiever. Gaurav, 30, said his attraction to the Labour Party comes from his family's experience after arriving in New Zealand from India 21 years ago.


"My family's journey in New Zealand starting from my father's homelessness to receiving my Fulbright [Scholarship] has been full of perseverance and is a true example of Labour's motto of backing the Kiwi dream.


"My whanau and I have always been thankful to the Labour Party's policies and social security measures as well as educational and health reforms and as such Labour was the only choice."


Gaurav gained proxime accessit (runner-up dux) at Auckland Grammar. Volunteering to work as a caregiver in a rest home he was inspired to study medicine at Auckland Medical School with part of his training in Waikato Hospital and the Waikato-Coromandel Region. He qualified as a medical doctor.

The recipient of a Fulbright Scholar to Washington DC, he studied business management with public health and politics for two years at the George Washington University and gained grassroots campaign work in the American political system while studying digital political strategy, PR, communications and opinion journalism

On his recent trip to India during the state elections, India's largest news network, CNN IBN News18 interviewed Dr Sharma in Hindi about his early days of growing up in the Himalayas, the importance of youth involvement in politics and his experiences in different political systems across the world Times: Labour candidate Gaurav Sharma is in it to win it when it comes to the Hamilton West seat in this year's general election. The 30-year-old doctor was confirmed uncontested as the party's candidate on Monday night.


"Talking to people it seems they are ready for change. It's not just a Hamilton issue but a national issue. You talk to people about housing, transport, I think people are ready for a change so it's about making sure they know what our policies are."

High on Sharma's priority list is Waikato Hospital. "The hospital is a big part of the community not only as an employer but also in terms of public health in what we provide to people, that is definitely something to look at." Sharma is a qualified doctor from Auckland but has had a passion for politics since being involved with the Medical Students' Association. He recently returned to New Zealand after two years studying at George Washington University in Washington DC, where he studied business along with politics and public health. 

Young Labour candidate #GivesAShit and addresses questions from & about the youth

Politics in the Tron and Free FM hosted Labour's 30 year young candidate for Parliament Dr Gaurav Sharma along with candidates from other parties to hold a debate that was focussed on the involvement of youth in our democratic processes and the issues closer to the younger voters. The event as such was appropriately named #GiveAShit. Education, employment, social security & financial support, mental health and public transport were the big topics raised. Gaurav talked about the complex nature of these issues, and how various policies of New Zealand Labour Party compliment each other to provide holistic support in the short and long run to the younger generation to help them realise their potential

New Zealand's largest Hindi Radio Apna 990 AM hosted Dr Gaurav Sharma from New Zealand Labour Party along with MPs from National Party and NZ First to discuss topics pertinent to the NZ Indian community. The debate was also telecasted on Apna Television Channel 36 on Freeview. Right after the live debate 70% of the callers to the show said they had or would vote for Labour

Urgent community safety meeting address by Labour candidate Dr Gaurav Sharma

Dr Sharma spoke at an urgent community meeting organised by the residents of Dinsdale, Forest Lake and Newton to raise concerns re recent aggravated robberies and incidences. Community safety is an important issue the Labour Party and Gaurav addressed the residents about Labour's committment to increasing our police force by 1000 additional officers and $180million a year extra funding to support our under-resourced and over-worked Police. Dr Sharma also elaborated on how Labour will be investing in crime prevention by directly addressing the causes of crime through policies to create more jobs and lift incomes, reduce poverty, make education and training more readily available to young people, and better resourcing for health including mental health and addiction services

Local journo Lance McCaughan interviewed Gaurav on Facebook Live to talk about his values and why he believes in New Zealand Labour Party's policies

NZ's health underfunding, housing crisis, homelessness, public transport, Labour's Ham West campaign & even Donald Trump - some of the things Dr Sharma talked about on the radio with Paul Barlow on 89.0 Free FM. Recording available online at or on iTunes as a podcast at

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